• 3W Clinic Aloe Full Water Activating Set

    A powerful combination of Emulsion, Toner, and Cream that will surely do all the moisturizing & balancing that your skin needs.

  • 3W Clinic Snail Foam Cleansing

    A rejuvenating foaming facial wash for smooth, shine-free skin. 3W Clinic Snail Foam Cleansing softens and moisturizes skin with snail secretion filtrate; helps keep your face sparkling clear and bright; gently cleanses to remove dirt, oil, and dead skin cells; melts away impurities and removes  makeup, perfect for dry skin.

  • 3W Clinic Vitamic C Foam Cleansing

    Vitamin C cleanses the skin from dead skin cells . It cleanses and brightens the skin tone. It is a foam cleansing foam that gives the skin a mild feeling that does not pull out after vitality and cleansing.

  • Carry F.A L-Carnitine Slimming Injection

    • Fastest, easiest and safest way to reduce weight
    • Highly recommended by dermatologist
    • 1g/5ml L-Carnitine/5 ampoules
    • 1 ampoule every two days.
    • 5 ampoules per tray
  • CS Lab V-Line Face Contouring Lypolytic Solution plus Glutathione

    Safely melts face fat layer  and improves contour lines .

    Based on phosphatidylcholine (PPC) and Glutathione ingredients: regenerates damaged skin and brightens skin tone.

    Catches the face line which is getting disordered and disappeared.

  • DHC Hyaluronic Acid

    Dhc Hyaluronic Acid 60 grains, 30 days supply.

    Contains Squalene, Olive Oil, Lychee seed extract powder (lychee seed extract, hydrolyzed starch), Gelatin, Hyaluronic acid, Glycerin, Beeswax, Glycerin fatty acid ester, Lecithin (soybean origin), Vitamin B2

  • Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Cream EX 50ml

    Green tea does more than give you a midday pick-me-up after a heavy lunch, it’s fantastic for your skin too! Innisfree’s harnessed the goodness of green tea seeds from Jeju island to provide the skin with moisturization and protection from external factors. This lightweight cream has a whipped texture that allows it to absorb quickly into the skin and contains fresh green tea that’s rich in amino acids to hydrate the skin from within. It also helps to prevent moisture loss without feeling sticky to keep your skin feeling soft and supple all day.

  • Ishigaki Amino Classic White

    The long wait is over! After more than 10 years, our favorite Ishigaki brand is now FDA Approved. Introducing its new name— Ishigaki Amino Classic White. Comes in 60-capsule bottle. It still contains the ingredients we love.

    Say goodbye to the old Ishigaki Advance Ultrawhite Glutathione and say hello to the new Ishigaki Amino Classic White!

  • Nacific Fresh Herb Origin Serum (50ml)


    • A bestselling, revamped serum with increased aloe vera leaf water to hydrate skin and an enhanced complex to minimize the look of pores.
    • A daily nourishing and moisturizing serum that balances out oil and moisture in skin.


  • Nacific Phyto Niacin Whitening Essence (50ml)

    Nacific Phyto Niacin Whitening Essence is an illuminating essence that contains moisturizing bamboo water to hydrate for a dewy skin.

  • Nature Republic Argan Homme Emulsion 130ml

    Moisturizing nourishing emulsion for men. This provides deep moisture and nourishment on the skin. Perfect to be used by all skin types.


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