3W Clinic Snail Foam Cleansing


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A rejuvenating foaming facial wash for smooth, shine-free skin. 3W Clinic Snail Foam Cleansing softens and moisturizes skin with snail secretion filtrate; helps keep your face sparkling clear and bright; gently cleanses to remove dirt, oil, and dead skin cells; melts away impurities and removes  makeup, perfect for dry skin.


3W Clinic is a brand under DoDo Company, the original manufacturer of Palgantong Powder. These loose powders were often used by celebrities and makeup artists in South Korean broadcasting and racked up a considerable following. After a rebranding, 3W Clinic was born. The brand now offers the popular powder formula along with a more extensive range of cosmetics and skincare products.

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3W Clinic Snail Foam Cleansing